What we tell ourselves is critical!

The Science and Art of Living

What we tell ourselves is critical! If that negative self-talk is telling you that you are going to fail, not good enough, or not worthy of love your reality is certain to reflect that. The subconscious mind accepts your truth so be kind to yourself. For today, think and speak in the present tense as if what you want is already true. Tell yourself that you deserve to be happy or focus on a particular goal. When you catch yourself yearning or doubting act as though you have already attained what you are looking for. Resonate your mind with positive messages, each time you find that you are hitting yourself with negative thinking and feel yourself going down. STOP… tell yourself that you deserve to be happy or focus on that particular goal. Rid yourself of sensations of anger, agitation or judgment by turning to your conviction and allow it to grow stronger. Your negativity will have no choice but to be overridden by your motivation and positive thoughts. It is only then that your reality can reflect your desires. For today, trust in the power of your own ability to create what you want. I consciously invite opportunity to you and you must also do the work and invite the opportunity to yourself.

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